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Sonae Activshare unites volunteers for solidarity causes

The Sonae volunteer programme has involved hundreds of workers and helped thousands of people in 2017. See what's been going on in the latest Sonae Activshare events. 

Solidarity onboarding Day integrates another hundred new employees

More than 100 new colleagues joined Sonae at the second edition of Onboarding Day in Portugal, which welcomes hundreds of new employees every year who are embarking on the Sonae world adventure. 

Apart from getting the chance to know the Sonae culture, its businesses and testimonies told in the first person, up close, the 120 employees who were recently integrated into Sonae companies in Portugal got the chance to participate in volunteer actions organised by the Sonae Activshare programme. 

One of the groups, with 80 participants, had the mission of clearing the rubbish from four beaches at the mouth of the Douro (Luz, Ingleses, Ourigo and Carneiro), while the other group of 40 participants had to paint and clean the garden at the Portuguese Red Cross Valbom Infant Centre. 

We stuck our nose into this cause 

On International Children's Day, celebrated on 1 June, was also Red Nose Day and the Sonae employees were invited to stick their noses into this solidarity cause: to help the children who needed it the most. The aim of the event was to sell Operation Red Nose Merchandising items to help collect funds.

More than 25 Sonae volunteers helped sell Red Nose items at kiosks scattered about the various work places, while others contributed by buying these items to help those who need it most. 

Thanks to the effort, availability and solidarity of all those who contributed towards this cause, the Red Nose Operation managed to collect about 4,700 smiles. 

"Thank you so much to all the employees from the Sonae group companies! Your enthusiasm, effort and dedication in this event was fantastic and made us all excited! We, as an association that depends 100% on the money we collect, without anything ever being guaranteed, work every day as hard as we can to ensure we can continue to offer this work to the 14 hospitals where we work.

But some times are harder and there is some dismay. The best antidote for those times is moments like this when people we don't know fly the flag and stick their nose into our cause!!

We are very grateful for the recognition, for the time they give us and the money they helped collect.
Everyone who adheres to this event lets us see this happening!

Thank you so much for having been our ambassadors! Together we are strong and the result is there for everyone to see with the amount you managed to collect (€4,700)!

We want to thank you just as the children thank us: with a smile from ear to ear! Thank you!!

Carlota Mascarenhas
Red Nose Operation Fund Collection Coordinator

United in helping Pedrógão Grande 

Sonae is actively contributing on different fronts to help support the victims of the fires in Pedrógão Grande and minimise the impacts on the various local communities. The various brands have donated goods for people and animals and provided financial support to rebuild the affected areas and this support is going to continue for several months.  

'Missão Continente', through the Continente stores, has helped by offering food to the firefighters and the local populations. Well’s donated first aid supplies such as saline solution, compresses and burns cream to several fire departments. Worten is working with the Red Cross to equip the temporary accommodation (with ovens, fridges and AC, etc.) as well as money left over from the last 2016 Código DáVinte campaign. Berg Outdoor, Deeply, Zippy, MO and Sport Zone have donated more than 15,000 pieces of clothing for babies, children, men and women. Sonae RP is going to offer money to help with the reconstruction of the houses and Sonae FS is going to help with a monetary donation through the 'Cartão Dá Presentes' scheme. Maxmat will give building materials to refurbish homes and Sonae MC, through its home accessories brand Kasa, is going to provide the items needed to re-equip the homes and is preparing school kits to give the children when they go back to school with the support of Makenotes and the note! stores. 

More than 1,000 volunteers were mobilised through the Sonae Activshare programme in Porto and Lisbon to help on the ground, where Sonae cooperated with various organisations to help organise and store the many donations that flooded in from across the country to create kits for the affected families. 

A day with the "Right Arm"

More than 120 members of staff spent a day with the company and support of their 'right arms', – about 50 pupils from various schools around the country - in the latest edition of the "Right Arm' event, run by Sonae and Junior Achievement Portugal (JAP) in April.

Watch the video with the best moments and see what your colleagues have to say about this volunteer experience.  

The "Right Arm. A day in your future' is a volunteer event for skills, where the pupils accompany an employee during their day at their work place to understand the job and the company better. During the day, the volunteers share their experience and knowledge, inspiring the youths and contributing towards their professional guidance.    

Inspiring talks motivate youths at Escola do Cerco  

As part of its Future Porto Project, Sonae regularly runs inspiring talks for youths from the Cerco Group of Schools. The ‘Cerco Inspiring Talks’ are motivation sessions with guests – Sonae employees and/or partners – from different areas whose aim is to encourage cultural interaction with the youths and encourage them in entrepreneurship, citizenship and good practice. 

Rui Penha, Professor at the University of Porto Faculty of Engineering and finalist in the first edition of the Sonae Media Art Award was the guest speaker at the last inspiring talk at the Cerco basic and secondary school, where he talked about music allied with science and technology. 

Other speakers who have given ‘Cerco Inspiring Talks’ include Professor José Príncipe and Dr Gustavo Carona, as well as events such as UDREAM and the ‘What really matters’ Congress, that covered a range of topics like artificial intelligence, volunteering in conflict zones and social entrepreneurship. 

Sonae has been a partner of the Cerco Group of Schools under the scope of the Future Porto Project organised by Porto city hall since 2007.  The aim of the project is to support the school management and development to ensure greater civil society participation in the life of the schools, recognising the fundamental role of education in the sustained development of a more competitive and dynamic society. 

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