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Sonae Sierra celebrates 10 years of Community Day

This event has a solidarity side and the development of Sonae Sierra skills has been going for a decade. In 2017, the Community Day has involved more than 270 volunteers in 35 locations providing help to about 1,350 people in 30 institutions. 

The activities are defined and planned by the workers and only have one criterion: the usefulness for the local communities. This is why the initiative is centrally coordinated but conducted locally so there is greater alignment between the company and the surrounding communities. 

Community Day is a win-win initiative: the institutions benefit from the time and dedication of the employees and the employees benefit from the experience in the communities. Community Day has been making a difference for 10 years in the lives of the people it helps and also in the lives of the Sonae Sierra employees by bolstering team work and strengthening the bonds between them. This year it is going to be held in Brazil, Turkey and Morocco too.

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