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What is 'on' at Sonae IM

Our Bizdirect website and the latest edition of FULLCOVER magazine from MDS are some of the features in this edition. 

Saphety establishes a strategic alliance with GENA

Saphety bolstered its global presence by joining the GENA – Global E-Faturação Network Alliance. This agreement is a strategic alliance with some of the world's main specialists in e-billing, giving Saphety a reach and a network of partners across the world that will result in more and better benefits for its clients. 
Rui Fontoura, Saphety's CEO said that "being part of GENA is a great conquest because it expands Saphety's global footprint and reach, providing a wider range of solutions over and above those it already offers”. 

GENA has a network that includes more than 700,000 companies on six continents and its members can establish strategies for mutual support and the interchange of information and services that are supported by local specialists when they want to begin operations on other continents. 

Bizdirect launches a customer survey on its new website 

Bizdirect launched a new website in June that lets its clients assess their main challenges and recommends solutions through an interactive quiz. 

Based on the Customer experience principle that underlay the restructuring of the company's value proposal at the beginning of the year, the new Bizdirect website has an innovative structure where the user answers a series of questions depending on their profile to discover the main challenges and needs their organisations are faced with in the sales, marketing, management and IT areas. 

Once the client's profile has been outlined, the quiz presents a series of recommendations in the form of a menu that tries to be useful in drawing up a path to assess in hindsight with the Bizdirect specialist consultant team. 

Rita Cordovil, Bizdirect's CMO said "this new way of interacting gives the clients a first analysis of our recommendations for their business processes in real time. This means the Bizdirect team can reply to clients using the information they have given about their concerns or challenges and help those who trust our know-how”, she added. 

The latest edition of FULLCOVER is now available

The FULLCOVER magazine has just released its 10th edition. This special edition marks the implementation of a project to share knowledge, innovation and the affirmation of the insurance and risk management sector with the help of well-known international specialists. 

See the topics featured in this edition:  
  • An extensive interview with John Neal, CEO of QBE, about the international expansion of one of the 20 biggest insurance and reinsurance companies in the world;
  • An in-depth article about Sonae Sierra including an interview with CEO Fernando Guedes Oliveira, about the company's expansion strategy and the importance of risk management in international operations.
  • An article about US group Apollo, a shareholder in Tranquilidade and Açoreana (Seguradoras Unidas), its investment in Portugal and future perspectives. An interview with Tranquilidade CEO Jan de Pooter; 
  • 'Future Risks' dossier that encompasses various articles about some of the topics we should be paying attention to; Blockchain, driverless vehicles, sharing economy, longevity, parametric insurance and other matters; 
  • Bridge: presentation of the Brokerslink members in the UK based in Manchester, the 'birthplace of the industrial revolution’;
  • An article by Devadas Krishnadas, socio-political author and commentator with a geopolitical and economic outlook for 2017, a year of many strategic changes. 
 Go here to see the online version of FULLCOVER, a periodical publication edited by the MDS Group since 2009, an international magazine distributed in more than 90 countries on all continents. 

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